Island Packages

Basic Package: $99.95 ($50 savings!)
Includes complete regulator set and BCD for up to 10 days!

Preferred Package: $139.95 ($90 savings!)
Includes complete regulator set, BCD, and an Aqualung i300 dive computer for up to 10 days!

Whatever your equipment rental needs, One World Dive & Travel has a large selection of equipment available for your upcoming dive needs. While it’s best to own your life support equipment, we understand this is not always feasible. Whether for a once in a lifetime trip, or until you are able to fill the gaps of your equipment needs, our professionally maintained equipment is ready to help. Fit, condition, size and availability are always questionable at dive resorts until the morning of your dives. Avoid the disappointment by renting equipment you are familiar with and know will fit!

Want to try it before you buy? Then take advantage of our Rental DEMO Program! We offer a 100% No Risk Guarantee on our DEMO Equipment - if you like after your rental, we will apply ALL of your rental fee towards the purchase of new similar equipment.*

We want you to enjoy your open water diving experience and having the fit and familiarity of dependable equipment will add to the safety and comfort of your scuba vacation!

Rental rates for our equipment are listed below:

Item 1 Day 3 Day 10 Day
Mask & Snorkel Combo $3 $9 $21
Full Foot Fins $3 $9 $21
Snorkeling Vest $3 $9 $21
BCD $15 $40 $75
Aqualung Titan Regulator set $15 $40 $75
Thermoprene 7mm Full Wetsuit $15 $40 $75
Tank Aluminium 80cuft $15 $32 N/A
Weight Belt w/Weights $3 $9 $21

DEMO Items

Aqualung Legend LX Regulator $25 $65 $100
Aqualung Rogue BCD $25 $65 $100
Aqualung i550 Integrated Computer $15 $40 $85
Aqualung i300 Dive Computer $10 $25 $40


*Must purchase within 30 days of DEMO equipment return to receive full value. Cannot combine multiple rentals of same product towards purchase price. Only fee from last rental will be applied. Does not include sales tax.