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20 YearsOur travel specialists are experts in SCUBA and snorkel trips. From vetting resorts for safety standards, to staying up to date on the best deals and must see destinations, we know all the moving parts that it takes to have a perfect vacation. Rather you know where you want to go, or you're just getting started, we can help! Our travel team has lived in the islands and guided dive trips in all seven continents. We have connections around the world who treat you like family, make sure you're safe, and get you the best values available.

Browse some of our favorite destinations for ideas for your next trip. Plan your open water dives abroad for a memorable first diving experience. Grab a group of dive buddies and plan an unforgettable trip together. Contact our travel specialists to get started!



Plan Your Perfect Vacation

Dreaming of an island escape, a pacific adventure, or a week of luxury at sea? Check out the links below to see some of our favorite destinations, and talk to our travel center to learn more about planning your trip any of these regions.



If your dream vacation includes sunny skies, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and laid back island life, then it's time to escape to the Caribbean for a refreshing get away. We've got connections all over the islands that can make your fantasy a reality. Click here for more info.


If you're craving big adventures and biodiversity, then take your dive travel to the next level by plunging into the Pacific. Known for healthy reefs and exotic cultures, a Pacific vacation is a rewarding adventure for those who dive into the rich experiences. Click here for more info.


From island hopping to exploring the far out reaches of the sea, a week (or two) on a boat can offer a relaxing and exciting adventure. See several destinations in one region, and enjoy being rocked to sleep each night in the lap of luxury. Click here for more info.

Finish your Certification

After your class and pool training sessions, you can finish your open water certification dives anywhere in the world! See the links below to check out or local options, or to contact our travel agents about great beginner spots to start your diving adventures.


Local Diving

Local Diving

Colorado is home to the most certified divers per capita, and we have been happily certifying divers right here in the mile high city for over 20 years. Sign up to do your open water dives with us. Click here for more info.


Referral Dives

Want to finish your Open Water Dives on your next vacation? You tell us where you're going (or we can help you narrow it down) and we will put you in touch with our friends abroad who will take care of you as you finish your certification and blow your first bubbles in the ocean. Click here for more info.


Unforgettable Memories

Diving can take you around the world and offers something for everyone. We know each divers needs and sense of adventure is different, and we can recommend the perfect destination for your group.



Family Friendly Destinations

The whole family can dive into SCUBA and enjoy shallow waters, healthy reefs, and low current in some of our favorite destinations. From the easy shore diving of Bonaire, to the all inclusive options of Cozumel, or the safe island life of Little Cayman. Whether you're exploring reefs in Roatan or cave tubing in Belize, your family dive trip will surely be a treasured memory for years to come! Click here for more info.


Mixed SCUBA and Snorkel Groups

Don't let different experience and interest keep you from planning a trip together. Our partners around the world can help divers explore new depths while snorkelers peek in on the scenery from up above. Couple your diving with some of our favorite land based excursions and everyone is sure to have a great time! Click here for more info.


Boy Scout High Adventure Trips

Headed to Sea Base? We can help! Hoping to plan a unique international dive adventure for your troop? We can help with that too! We've helped countless troops make their High Adventure dreams a reality and taken teenagers to all corners of the world. Click here for more info.

Our travel specialists can book your dive trip anywhere in the world! Contact us to get started.

Book with us and save!

When you book your dive trip with one of our travel specialists you'll enjoy all of the following benefits:


Up to 10% off pre-trip retail purchases



Having reliable gear that fits and functions is the best way to keep you safe and having fun on your trip! Some exclusions apply.


Free pool workouts before you go



Jump in the pool to refresh your skills, practice with your gear, and get comfortable in the water before you go.


Exclusive discounts on rental gear


We guarantee our gear is well serviced, sized right, and professionally tested before you go.


upgradeTry our favorite rental items on your trip


Rent any of our "demo" rental items for your trip and apply rental fees to the purchase of the same item when you get back.

Our Partners

OcenaOne World Dive & Travel have been longtime partners with the popular resorts and vendors listed below. If you find a destination you want to explore with one of these companies, contact us to customize and book your trip for you!

Using our services come with no additional fees and allow you to utilize our relationships around the world for the best possible and personalized travel experience.